Hawaii Rugs styled with a floral tropics design

At a recent exhibition in Harrogate I stumbled upon an interesting floral rug design concept. While the design was by no means unique it did have hints of North American trends and the botanical essence of tropical Hawaii. The floral rugs designed with bold flowers much like the Hawaiian shirts and the colouring are subtly and tastefully contrasted to bring the tropics to your home.

I want a rug dot com is a new concept in selecting rugs

Encove Ltd has just launched iwantarug.com a brand new website for marketing and selling rugs. The challenge was to create a website that had the same low prices and fast dispatch as their highly rated Rugzone.co.uk website but enhancing the on-line experience by making it even easier to navigate. The conventional way to search for a rug on a websites is to continually click through the endless categories of rug ranges hoping that you find the colour shape and size.

Searching for rugs with iwantarug.com is very different to that of our competitors. We understand that customers generally don’t think of rugs by brand in the same way as they would say an electrical appliance. This means generic descriptions of rugs vague so searching using keywords is less effective. At the iwantarug.com site you are not presented with a bank of categories; instead you simply narrow your search by selecting the shape of the rug you require.

Buying rugs to sell at Lowest prices

The vast majority of Internet rug dealers build their business on the back of stocks held by wholesalers and importers. That is to say, they do not invest in stock; instead they simply lift photos from the rugs supplier catalogue and offer them on their web site. When the customer orders rugs from the website the retailer must then order the rugs from the wholesaler or importer, wait for the rugs to be delivered to their premises, then make arrangements to deliver to the end user, the customer. Not only is this method of selling costly to the end user it can take at best ten days to two weeks to process and deliver an order.

Cycling clothing advice for the summer weather

So, you've bought your new bike! With your suspension forks and a gazillion gears you are ready to put on your shorts and tee-shirt to cycle the bridleways, disused train lines and forests of the United Kingdom, maybe stopping off for quick refresher at the local pub or cafe on route. Just imagine those hot sunny days and Idyllic long warm evenings cycling into the sunset with your bike and a few friends. Ah perfect!

Unfortunately your dream of the perfect cycle ride can be easily quashed by some very simple factors. The changeable British weather or simple case saddle soreness for example can ruin a potentially great ride out. Fortunately wearing the correct cycling clothing is the simplest way of preventing major discomfort.

Wood Flooring - Beneficial To Health

Acacia Wood Flooring There are different types of wood floor products with unique characteristics. Some are denser and others are harder. Oak is a popular wood-flooring product as it gives rich appearance due to lot of grain. It is available in two variations that include red oak and white oak which differ from each other in shading and color. Maple is a condensed wood with fine grain and less texture than oak.

Maple wood flooring has clear and uniform look than other wood species as it has less grain. Pine is used to give a warm look to the home so as to get a log cabin look. Pine is a soft wood so it should be used in low traffic areas. The other wood species used for flooring are ash, beech, teak, cherry, mahogany, walnut and pecan.

Wood Floor Textures

Persian Rugs Are Symbolic With Magical Quality and Prosperity

Persian WeaversBy Muna wa Wanjiru

As many people know there are many different types of rugs that you can buy. There is one type of rug that is symbolic with prosperity. This is the famed rugs of Persia, or as we call them Persian rugs. Now even though you can’t use these carpets to fly anywhere they still have a magical quality about them. As you lay one of these Persian rugs in your home you will be able to see the intricate beauty that is one of the key elements about these rugs.

Now even though many people like to own Persian rugs they simply aren’t too sure if they can afford to have these magnificent specimens in their homes. As a result of this they may look for inferior rugs that claim to possess all of the beauty and quality of Persian rugs without their price. Buying a rug like this will only cheat you of the experience of having a richly woven Persian rug in your home.

While there are many very expensive Persian rugs for sale you can still find high quality Persian rugs that can fit your budget and these still look nice. The main thing that you will need to see is that you are buying a good quality rug. You should also see the