Introduce Extraordinary Touch with Contemporary Rugs.

With the changing trends, you can see a great impact on the designs, patterns and shapes of the rugs. You can find various futuristic pieces that can add a sense of style to your modern interior. Plain, tonal, patterned, geometrical shapes, interesting linings, boxes, etc are the patterns that can add an extraordinary touch in your renovation. Thus, wide ranges of contemporary rugs including prints of animals, having Disney characters, flowers and creepers that provide an outstanding appeal when blend with completely matched furniture and interior. Moreover, you can also come across vivid colours, shapes, sizes and designs.

Terracotta Rugs Give a Room Warmth and Sophistication

It’s true; warm shades such as terracotta, burnt orange and brick red add a warm and cosy feel to any room. Whether your house is carpeted or has laminate or wood flooring, every home could do with something to make it feel more cosy and welcoming, and stunning rugs in terracotta hues could be just the answer.

Why not opt for patterned rugs with vibrant flowers and foliage in shades of red and orange? Not only is red rumoured to be an aphrodisiac, it is also a colour which stimulates appetite and is said to enhance any mood which you’re currently feeling.

Dubious Décor with Effective Rugs

Some might say the décor in your home is downright dubious. You might think your pad is the epitome of Austin Powers’ style and a nod to swinging 60’s chic. Whatever the truth may be, your décor expresses your personality, and what better way to complement it, dubious or otherwise, than with an effective rug that is both stylish and practical.

In the 1960’s, rugs were brightly coloured with vibrant patterns; terracotta and orange were firm favourites. In fact, patterns were all the rage (perhaps too much so), with many people buying matching patterned curtains, rugs, tablecloths, sofas and so forth.

Cool blue rugs with a fresh appeal

When you fancy a change of decor, there is nothing quicker or simpler than to buy new rugs. Not only does it make you feel instantly lifted by giving a new accent in the room but it is also an excellent way to check out whether a particular colour or team of colours would be right for the setting. Decorating with colour is very simple and by following a few rules you can completely change the ambience of a room. The addition of rugs in a colour not already represented in the decor can give a real lift and costs very little.

Blue is a case in point.

Style your Kitchen with a Flat Woven Rug

The kitchen is a room where many families tend to congregate and it is much more welcoming if you have a rug to break up what can be quite a large expanse of empty floor. Also, if you spend a lot of time standing at a work surface while engaged in food preparation, a hard floor can be very hard on the feet. Our grandmothers often had rag rugs in the kitchen and whilst it warmed up the cold tiles a bit, it soon got rather grotty with dropped food and similar kitchen disasters. Nowadays we are a little more aware of health and hygiene and so we want our rugs to be colourful and cheerful but also practical and easy to keep clean.

The Strange Story of a Stained Rug

Oval Art Stripe Wool Rugs in Beige and Creams

Linda was angry and humiliated. It all started when she went to her local department store to browse for rugs to match her living room. And then she saw it. The 100% wool, cream coloured rug she had been dreaming of for months. It was beautiful, and expensive. ‘That would look perfect in my newly decorated living room!’ she thought to herself. Linda didn’t think of her children, or her two Great Danes, none of that crossed her mind. All she could think of was how her neighbour Sally would react when she saw the beautiful rug and how envious she would be.