Would you make the most of a rug sale?

Rug Sale

While it is true to say you could do without rugs in your home, there’s no doubt it looks far better if you do have them in place. They are warm underfoot, appealing to look at and somehow complete any colour scheme you had in mind. If they are well chosen you wouldn’t be without them, that’s for sure.

If you want to buy more than one rug for your home, it makes sense to try and cut the cost if you can. However you wouldn’t want to cut down on the actual sizes of the rugs would you? You wouldn’t want to get something cheap and nasty either when what you had in mind was appealing and luscious in nature.

cheap shaggy rugs on sale

Some rugs have more history than you think

With so many different rugs to choose from, it is sometimes easy to think that all rugs are simply mass produced and cater to the trends and fashion of the moment. However, some rugs have histories all of their own, sometimes going back hundreds of years to their origins. If you appreciate a little bit of culture and history, here are four different kinds of rug you may enjoy:

Ziegler rugs

Ziegler Rugs

Ziegler rugs are based on traditional Persian rug designs going back hundreds and hundreds of years.

Are you on the Fringe when Buying a New Rug?

This blog aims to provide an tongue-in-cheek guide to helping the buyer make the right decision on what Rug is right for them. The three main aspects when deciding on a Rug is Measuring, Colour and Durability. Follow those three special steps and you’re on your way to finding the right Rug that will set the character and mood of your room.
No to only are you giving your home the perfect gift, you’re putting your own identity and personalizing your place.

Are you one of those people who type in the search engine, such phrases as…

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Show your colours with a rug colour to match your football team

Are you a football fan? Do you have others in your house who support different teams? You could have a lot of fun by buying some cheap rugs in the colour of your team and decorating your house with them and having the ‘winning’ rug in pride of place, changing each week as the teams move up the league. Why not have a walk of fame down the hall, with the rugs changing position every Saturday after the game?

Children love this kind of decorating; it gives them a fun thing to do each week and also they can have a league table there on the floor! Football teams have a whole range of different colours and if you have two teams with the same colour represented in the house – for example Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal all wear red – why not have different shapes so they contenders can tell which is which? For example the Man United supporter’s rug could be round and the Liverpool supporter could have a rectangular rug, or you could have different textures, for example wool rugs for some and shaggy rugs for another.

Hall Runners that Break the Mould

Durable Hall Runners

The hall is usually the first thing that visitors see and it is so easy to let it get a bit tatty. It does, after all, get the most traffic of any area in the house. Hall runners are a great way of giving the area a bit of zing and there are loads to choose from at the Rug Zone. If you fancy traditional there are plenty to choose from but there is no need to stop at that – there are many designs that will give your hall a real wow factor and lift that boring everyday space and make it something special.

One of our specialities at the Rug Zone are hall runners that make your life a lot easier and also look a million dollars.

Finding big discounts on Hall Runners and Super Cheap Rugs

Even if you live in a really big city, you are not likely to have more than one or two stores selling rugs and their choice is likely to be limited by space. If you are looking for hall runners and super cheap rugs for your home you will probably end up disappointed or – and this is worse – settling for something you don’t want in either price, colour or design. In the very worst case scenario, you may have to settle for second best all round.

If you are looking for big discounts and a huge range to choose from, why not visit www.rugzone.co.uk and have a browse?