Cool colours for summer decor like Enviable Green and Blue

This article takes a close look at colours that blend in summer and autumn. Pastel shades of green and blue that create a calming feel on your walls, floors and ceilings. Mixing and matching the hues to create a enviable and stylish room.

Room of the Day: A Happy Home Office in Atlanta

Nice designs taken from it tales a look at the before and after of a room. The large top-floor room with two separate but connected spaces sat empty until the home office conversion.

Furnishing with Contemporary Style Rugs

Contemporary Striped Wool Rug

When considering furnishing a contemporary dwelling, it is important to consider the design elements that make up your home. Consider the colour scheme. Most contemporary dwellings have simple light colour schemes. When looking for floor coverings, make sure that the colour will work. The material is also worth consideration. A modern home with uncovered floors would benefit from deep pile carpets, where a carpeted property may require a flat-weave.

Rugs of all sizes and colours are available online, and can help to tie a room together, either with similar colours or a daring splash of bright colour.

Rocking the Kasbah with Moroccan Style Rugs

When you mention rugs to anyone, or you’re in a conversation and you hear the word rugs, you will automatically think of Persian and Oriental rugs. It’s a representation that has been around for centuries, with Persian rugs being extremely popular and brings together so much history with each individual rug.

But what people don’t realize is that there is just as powerful and luxury made rugs in Morocco, which are traditionally hand woven. The Moroccan rugs a hand woven by tribal people, but they didn’t produce rugs for decorations of to spice their place up, they were actually made for utility purposes and day to day usage.

Some of the rugs were used for blankets, bedcovers, sleeping mats, saddle blankets and were specially used as burial shrouds. The different ways the Moroccans incorporated the wool rugs into their lives was due to the adverse weather the people had to endure. They were made a lot thicker to be used in the snow capped Atlas Mountains.

Rug vs. Carpet

100% Wool Manor Lodge Traditional Rugs

Unless you are buying a brand new home, there are often many elements that need to be changed to bring a sense of your own personal style to your new dwelling. Old, tired carpets may well hide wonderful secrets beneath, marble, wood or stone floors are beautiful and desirable in today’s interior design market.

Persian Opulence at Rug Zone

Tribal Lori Rug

Rugs are extremely sought after items. With hour of painstaking work in silk and wool, they have become status symbols and are hung in galleries as work of art. Rugs, and particularly those from the Middle East, fetch huge prices at auction with a long and rich history. The Persian Pazyryk rug is over 2,000 years old, testament to the incredible skill of its weavers. A Persian rug sold in 2013 for $34million.