Rocking the Kasbah with Moroccan Style Rugs

When you mention rugs to anyone, or you’re in a conversation and you hear the word rugs, you will automatically think of Persian and Oriental rugs. It’s a representation that has been around for centuries, with Persian rugs being extremely popular and brings together so much history with each individual rug.

But what people don’t realize is that there is just as powerful and luxury made rugs in Morocco, which are traditionally hand woven. The Moroccan rugs a hand woven by tribal people, but they didn’t produce rugs for decorations of to spice their place up, they were actually made for utility purposes and day to day usage.

Some of the rugs were used for blankets, bedcovers, sleeping mats, saddle blankets and were specially used as burial shrouds. The different ways the Moroccans incorporated the wool rugs into their lives was due to the adverse weather the people had to endure. They were made a lot thicker to be used in the snow capped Atlas Mountains.

The designs that generally appear on most Moroccan rugs, have been past down from generation to generation, are pure artistic expression and do not follow your usually art designs and formative layouts. This makes the rugs, not only one off’s like the Persian rugs, but also makes each design unique.

Another thing that Moroccan and Persian rugs have in common they are hand woven, as a result, they are, or can be very expensive. Although you do pay for quality, that can be see here with some of these Moroccan style rugs, which will give you a good idea of how much one of these stylish rugs can set you back.

Moroccan Style Rugs

But at RugZone, we can now offer you very similar designs to Beni Ourain tribal rugs produced on state of the art Wilton looms, for a fraction of the price. OK, they’re not the real deal and yes, they are not the same hand woven quality, but at the price you’ll pay you won’t be disappointed. We believe that you’ll be charmed with your new rug when it adds the touch of Moroccan delight to your home. After all these rugs have been inspired by greatness and heart and soul. The designs have stood the test of time, so surely they’ll stand in your home and give an extra bit of panache, class and a piece of ancient civilisation!