Rug vs. Carpet

100% Wool Manor Lodge Traditional Rugs

Unless you are buying a brand new home, there are often many elements that need to be changed to bring a sense of your own personal style to your new dwelling. Old, tired carpets may well hide wonderful secrets beneath, marble, wood or stone floors are beautiful and desirable in today’s interior design market.

But these original floorings can be prone to scratches and need to be well maintained. A way to overcome the continuous upkeep of a bare floor is the introduction of traditional rugs. Hall runners can help protect those high traffic areas of your home, such as staircases or landings. Furniture can be placed on small rugs to help prevent marks, and a large rug beneath a dining table or in a living area can help protect against spillage.

Carpeting these areas can be costly, and involve a lot of upheaval in terms of clearing space for carpet fitters, or yourself if you plan on laying your own carpet, a great undertaking in itself, plus the fact that carpets are not easily removable where rugs, many machine washable are mobile and convenient. A carpeted area will suffer from wear and tear within a few years, but a handmade rug is made to last, and most carpeted properties have additional rugs help to keep carpets looking fresh.

But functionality is only the tip of the iceberg. The vast array of patterns from classic oriental and Persian designs, to novelty national flags can be as much a part of your design scheme as the floors they cover or the furnishings they sit under. For a stone floored reception area, consider a highly patterned large rug to contrast the plain floor, avoid too much colour, instead sticking to darker blues, greens or reds. For a light pinewood floor, choose more neutral colours, or creams and browns, avoid too much pattern, as this will detract from the grain of the flooring. For a darker oak floor, a more elaborate pattern can work, a more classic Persian design or floral pattern may work well against a darker natural background.

Rug Zone stock hundreds of rugs in all shapes and sizes, with prices starting at less than £10. Many are modelled on natural floors, so you can even see how a particular rug might look in your home. Don’t forget to consider using their anti creep/skid spray service to avoid accidents.