Prefinished Hardwood Flooring - An Ideal Option For Your Home

By Arturo Ronzon

If you have done your research, you have sifted through all the information that is available about flooring options for your home. You know that prefinished hardwood flooring is an ideal option for those who want the warmth and beauty of natural wood, but dont want to lay out the high price of solid hardwood flooring.

The most confusing aspect of choosing prefinished hardwood flooring is deciding the right thickness for your individual needs. Most prefinished hardwood flooring is from to 9/16. The usual choice of thickness is usually 3/8 to . Depending upon the brand and manufacturer, your choice should hinge upon how many times you want to refinish your prefinished hardwood flooring.

The prefinished hardwood flooring is priced cheaper than traditional hardwood flooring because they have a thinner wear layer. Some prefinished hardwood flooring cant be completely refinished. Minor scratches and scuff marks add character and charm to hardwood flooring and some may become even more beautiful with age and some may not.

If you are a perfection seeker, you may need to have your hardwood flooring finished every five years or so. If you think this might be you, then you should choose a product that has the thickest layer of wear. If you choose the right professional and have installed your prefinished hardwood flooring over a flat subfloor, you should be able to refinish your prefinished hardwood flooring two or three times. If you notice a significant color change after refinishing, you may not be able to refinish again.

When you choose prefinished hardwood flooring, you can be assured that the product you have chosen has superior stability over conventional hardwood flooring because of the way they are made. You can even use prefinished hardwood flooring if you have a floor radiant heat system.

You will love the fantastic look of prefinished hardwood flooring and you will love the price as well. You may be the only one who realizes that your flooring isnt solid hardwood flooring. If you shop online, you are sure to find prefinished hardwood flooring that will meet not only your budget, but your taste and style as well.

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