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Terracotta Rugs Anyone who has enjoyed a holiday in Italy cannot help but smile when they see the colour terracotta. In Italy and parts of southern France and Spain it is impossible to look at any landscape or cityscape for that matter and not have a view of terracotta roofs soaking up the sun. It is almost a given, then, that terracotta in all shades from deep burnt umber to almost pink, goes well with practically every other colour. To get the best out of your terracotta rug and make sure it brings the heat and warmth of Tuscany or the Balearics to your home, team it with the magenta and green of bougainvillea or the lime washed cream of the walls of the regions.

Warm up any room with terracotta

10 Things a Rug Can Do for You

The job description of the rug has changed over the past century. Once the forerunner to fully fitted carpets the rug is now traditionally used as a feature on the floor.

Overdyed Rugs

Still & Co. for Sit and Read from Sit and Read on Vimeo.

A video on how to over-dye antique rugs. All you need is an old Persian or Turkish rug, it has to be wool. Then some bleach and dye and a lot of ventilation and determination. Good luck you're going yo need it. Process video for the handmade overdyed rugs by Still & Co. for Sit and Read Gallery.

50 shades of beige

When you look at a carpet range in the USA it usually plain and about 50 different shades of beige and creams. While on the surface it seems rather boring, their home designs will often make use of accent colours when accessorising.

Just love this rug!

Taken from the Houzz website from a article on "cost effective ways to go custom made", it features the The chrome motorcycle engine table that was was made for the room and reflects an individual style that is without doubt one-

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